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Welcome to the Darkmoon Faire Revival Project.

"My name is Valkren, and if you're here you're probably an RP-er from the european Darkmoon Faire server. Lately I've been thinking the RP on this server is a bit dissapointing. It could be so much more then the sporadic little roleplays you find here and there. Right now, the highest level of organizement are the seperate RP guilds. Thing is, though, they seem to pick a base somewhere and then RolePlay amongst themselves.

Now, what if those Guilds cooperated just a little? Imagine those guilds running the city of Stormwind together; a military Guild as the City Guard, social Guilds as the heads of the Taverns and Inns, a religious Guild in the Cathedral of Light, a second military Guild as the Stormwind Underworld (Acting against the law and city gaurds!).

Let's pretend we just pulled that off. There are players from military guilds rp-ing as gaurds, social guilds are running taverns and religious guilds are performing weddings and blessings in the Cathedral of Light. What's happening now is that the non-RP-ers are coming into contact with RolePlay on a daily basis. Therefore, it would be increasingly more normal for them to participate in an RP. As a result, the percentage of Roleplayers should increase as the current roleplayers show themselves in more public places (Away from Goldshire, which is now pretty much just a dueling arena).

Ok, back to reality. We're still at the start of this project and we haven't pulled off anything yet. What's the plan for now? Well, the whole basis for this project lies in the support of the RP Guilds. A good start would be to round up a few social guilds as volunteers for running the Taverns. A Tavern pretty much just requires a bartender with a stock of drinks and food, so that should be manageable by a guild, don't you think? The good thing about an RP Tavern is that it's like a magnet to roleplayers. They come over and stay there for hours. Once you get one up and running, it might be a good chance to get in contact with other roleplayers and RP guilds (Provided it is either known that the tavern is part of the DF RP Rev Project or a representative of the project is in the tavern), thus building out our network. So the first step is a single Tavern. From there on, that is pretty much the first bastion of roleplay (As it's a magnet for RP, it's already better then Goldshire). The next step is the opening of the second Tavern. From there on, the roleplay of moving between Taverns becomes an option. Once a solid base is established, we can start working on finding a military guild willing to base themselves in Stormwind as the City Guard. Their RP lies in patrolling the Taverns and in solving common roleplaying crimes, such as murder and theft. The best step after securing the Guard, is to provide a more direct opponent for the Guard. That would be the underworld (Pretty much the Stormwind Maffia.). Would make for some pretty interesting RP, don't you think? After this step the focus should lie in maintaining the quality of the rp. If we can keep it up for an extended period of time (I'd say the summervacation is our best bet), I'm pretty sure we can give the RP on this server a positive boost. No harm in trying, right?

So yeah, I'm impressed you actually read through all that O_o. Anyway, that's the general idea. It just requires a bit of cooperation from your side (Which might mean your guilds side aswell). You were going to roleplay anyway, so might just aswell do it within this project so we can have a shot at making Stormwind an immersive, roleplaying heaven.

Thanks in advance, and see you ingame!"
- Valkren

- Originally written by Valkren, and taken from here which was a Revival project exactly like this one, but which didn't come to anything.
Lets not make the same thing happen again, and learn from what Valkren is saying!
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European: Darkmoon Faire (RP)
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